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Creating an activity from scratch

October 01, 2018

You can create boards, activities, and supports with Boardmaker Online with templates or from scratch. It is recommended that you use a template if you are creating an interactive activity that will be played onscreen, as the template will have the layout and computer actions built in. If you choose to create from scratch, this tutorial will guide you.

Open the Online Editor

  • From your Boardmaker Online Homepage, select Create Activities.

  • Select New Blank Activity.The Online Editor will open in a new window.

Creating and Manipulating Buttons

  • Select the Button Tool from the tool bar at the top of window.
  • Click on your workspace to drop the button on the page.

  • Position your cursor in the corner of your button and drag to resize your button.
  • Click and drag from within the button to reposition the button on the page.

  • To copy (spray) the button, select the Spray Tool, click within your button and drag in any direction to create a grid of buttons.

  • To select all of the buttons in a group, click within one button and drag your cursor to include all of the buttons.

  • When selected, a grid of buttons may be resized as a group by positioning your cursor in a corner and resizing.
  • A grid of buttons may be moved as a group by clicking within any button and dragging.

Filling Buttons with Labels and Symbols

Helpful Hint: The easiest way to fill buttons is to use Edit in Place, described below.
  • Select a button
  • Using your computer keyboard, type the label.
  • Select Enter on your keyboard

  • The symbols panel will open.
  • Select the symbol you like.
  • Select the green Select button.

  • You may use digital images from the web for the symbol in your button by using Edit in Place.
  • Select a button, type a label, and select Enter on your keyboard.

  • On the Symbols Panel, Select the Web Search tab.
  • Click within the search box.
  • Select the image you like.
  • Click Select.

  • You may also use images from your computer as symbols in buttons.
  • Select the button, type your label, and select Enter on your keyboard.

  • Select Browse.
  • Navigate to your pictures library, desktop, or wherever the image is stored.
  • Select the image and select Open.

Group Buttons

A group button is a button with more than one symbol, and any button may be changed to a group button.

  • Select a button on your grid.
  • Select Group Button from Type dropdown in the Properties Panel.

  • Select the Symbols tab in the Properties panel.
  • Enter your search term in the search box.
  • Select Enter on your keyboard.
  • Click and drag the image into your button.

  • Repeat with your second symbol.
  • A dialog box will appear.
  • Select Add To.

  • Select each of the symbols within the button in turn to manipulate their size and position within the button.
  • Symbols may be on top of each other or arranged within the button side by side or top to bottom.

  • Continue to fill all the buttons of your grid with standard (one symbol) or group buttons.
  • To add a title, select the Label Tool from the toolbar and click on your page, dropping a label box.
  • Click within the Label box and type your title.

  • To save your activity, select File and then Save Activity As.
  • Name and Save your activity.

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