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Digital images jump start kit

October 01, 2018

Get to know these 5 Boardmaker Online Activity Starter Templates that are ideal for providing access to on-screen activities in Boardmaker Online to a variety of students.

Tips on placing photos in the following templates:
Web image
  • Use the Web tab in the Edit in Place window and in the Symbols Panel
Personal photos
  • Use the Browse option from the Edit in Place
Consider implementation on your classroom whiteboard, any MAC or PC, or on an iPad.

Boardmaker Online Activity Starter Template Teaching Tips
Interactive> Explore>Visual Scene
  • Use the photo of an environment that is new to a student to introduce unfamiliar items or people
  • Use an image from the web to encourage generalization of a specific familiar environment
Interactive> Books and Presentations> Book – Text on Bottom
  • Use images from the web to concretely represent the words in a social story or adapted story to your students
  • Use photos from a personal collection of photos, either yours or the family, to make a story meaningful for a student
Interactive> Art and Creativity> Stamping
  • Use a photo that is meaningful to a student or group of students to motivate them to use this template for a barrier, preposition, or story telling activity.
  • Use motivating images from the web to use this template to assess a student’s understanding of what the norms are for a specific environment.
Interactive> Labeling>Labeling – 5 items
  • Use a photograph to assess a student’s knowledge of an environment or item by having them match the label to its correct position.
  • Use an image and picture from the web or personal collection to teach students about generalization of environments or items.

Check out our Jumpstart Group on the Boardmaker Online Community with activities using the highlighted templates above. Here is a direct link! 

Look for these activities:

Book Template – My Community

Stamping Template – Kitchen

Labeling - Classroom

Find Healthy Foods

Check out these interactive activities that have been shared on Boardmaker Online Community! They are ready to use as-is, or editable to meet your students needs.
Title Link
Harry Potter’s Personal Goals
Founding Fathers Label
Going to the Van Wezel

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