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Properties panel

October 01, 2018

The Properties Panel in the Online Editor enables you to personalize the look of your boards and activities with color, shape, and other features. This tutorial will show you how to access the Properties Panel and use properties to enhance the activities you create.

The Properties Panel is available any time you are working in the Online Editor whether editing an existing activity or creating a new one, and whether working from scratch or from a template.


  • Select Create Activities from your Homepage.
  • Select New Blank Activity or any of the templates to navigate to the Online Editor.

NOTE: The Properties Panel is visible on the right of your workspace, but no properties are available until you have selected an object on the page.

  • Select anywhere on the background of your work space. You can see a thin red line around the perimeter showing that the background is the object selected.
  • The property Background Image becomes available in the Properties Panel.
  • Select the dropdown menu to select a color for the background of your activity.

  • Select a button to access the properties available for that object (the button).
  • Select the appropriate property on the Properties Panel to make changes.

  1. Button Type: This is automatically selected when you create a standard button, symbolate button, or add images to a standard button to create a group button.
  2. Label: you may type within this box to change or add a label to a button.
  3. Edit Symbol: Opens the symbol (in the button selected) in the Symbol Editor for changing.
  4. Symbol Location: Select the dropdown menu to change the position of the label /symbol.
  5. Font: Select the dropdown menus to change font type, size, characteristics, and color.
  6. Fill: Select the dropdown menu to select button fill color. Deselect No Gradient to incorporate color gradient in your button.
  7. Border: Select the dropdown menus to make changes to button border.
  8. Style: Select the dropdown menu to change your button shape.
  9. Action Editor: Select Edit Actions to open the Action Editor and add actions to your button.

  • NOTE:Selecting multiple buttons allows you to change properties of multiple buttons at once.
  • To select multiple buttons, click the selection tool and then click within a button and drag to include all of the buttons you would like selected.
NOTE:The properties available in the Properties Panel will reflect whatever object (background, button, or multiple buttons) is selected on the work space.

Using the Properties Panel to Search for and Add Symbols to Activities
The Properties Panel may also be used to search for and add symbols to your activities. This is most useful when adding a background picture to an activity, or when adding multiple symbols to one button.

Search for and Add a Background Picture
Some templates allow you to add a background picture to the activity. In these templates, you will see the directions in red to place the image in the background.

  • On the properties panel, select the Symbols Tab.
  • Type your search term into the text box and then Return.
  • Click and drag the symbol you want from the properties panel to the background.
NOTE: Select Web Search or My Media from the bottom of the properties panel to incorporate images from either of these sources.

Search for and Add Additional Symbols to a Button
You can add more than one symbol to a button by using the properties panel. This creates a Group Button.
  • Select the button you would like to add additional symbols to.
  • Select the Symbols tab in the Properties Panel.
  • Enter your search term in the search box and return.
  • Click and drag the additional symbol into the button.
  • The dialog box will appear. Select Add To.
  • You may select any of the images within the button to resize and reposition them.
  • Select the label to modify if necessary.