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Working with word prediction buttons

October 01, 2018

Please note this article only applies to Personal, Professional, and District subscription accounts.

Word prediction can be very useful in helping users with the writing process. Boardmaker Online uses natural language prediction, which examines the previous two words entered into the message window and then predicts the next word based on words that would commonly follow the two words the user has entered.   
As the user composes a message in the message window, the word prediction feature anticipates the user’s word choices and displays various options in word predictor buttons. The user can then select a word predictor button, and the word on the button will be immediately sent to the message window.

Word predictor buttons are normally used in conjunction with message windows.

You will normally want to put four or five word predictor buttons on a page, located directly above, beneath, or to the side of a message window. First you should create the initial word predictor button and define its properties, and then you can make as many copies of the button as you like - the copies will have the same appearance and properties as the initial button you create.

Draw a Word Predictor Button

  1. Select the Button Tool in the Toolbar. 
    Button Tool
  2. Select in the area of the page where you want to place the button. Word predictor buttons are normally located directly above, beneath, or to the side of a message window. 
    Note: You can also move the pointer onto the page, hold down the mouse button, and drag diagonally. Release the mouse button when the new button is the size and shape you want. (Hold down the Shift key to draw a square button.)
  3. Select Word Predictor from the Button Type drop-down list. 
    Button Type drop-down list.
  4. Select a fill color from the Fill Color drop-down list. 
    Fill Color drop-down list
  5. Select a weight, color, and style for the button border. 
    Border options
  6. Select a font family,  font size,  (or use the font size adjustment buttons to increase or decrease the font size), and  style option (bold, italic, or underlined). 
    Font options

Spray Out Copies of the Word Predictor Button

Use the Spray Tool to spray out identical copies of the button directly beneath, on top of, or to the side of the initial button.

Spray Tool

Reference: See Using the Spray Tool