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About us

About us


About Tobii Dynavox

We are a global team that works to help people with communication and mobility challenges live richer, more meaningful lives.

Power to be You

Our technology benefits those who use it and the people around them – parents, siblings, grandparents, caregivers, teachers and clinicians as well as others they encounter in everyday life. We empower people with complex communication and mobility needs to decide what to say and do on their own terms.

Solutions for a better life

We ensure that our technology and solutions for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) are easy to use and can withstand daily stresses. Whether you need an assistive technology device, a communication app, eye gaze control of your computer, low tech materials or specialized training solutions, we strive to develop top quality, effective products.

Tobii Dynavox history

It began with two assistive technology pioneers: Sweden-based Tobii Technology and U.S.-based DynaVox. In 2014, the companies merged to give a voice to people with disabilities worldwide.

Sentient Systems sells 1st AAC touch device

Sentient Systems becomes DynaVox Systems

DynaVox lobbies successfully for US Medicare coverage of AAC devices

Tobii creates 1st eye tracker

Tobii discovers gaze control for accessibility

Tobii starts opening international offices, starting in the US

Tobii acquires Norway-based Viking Software

Tobii acquires US-based Assistive Technology Inc

Tobii acquires DynaVox and becomes Tobii Dynavox

Tobii Dynavox debuts on Nasdaq Stockholm as a publicly listed company

Better Together

Partners in empowerment

Tobii Technology’s May 2014 acquisition of DynaVox merged two companies dedicated to raising the quality of life for people with communication and mobility challenges. While Tobii had become the leading provider of eye tracking solutions for communication and computer access for individuals with ALS, Rett syndrome, spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy, DynaVox was the premier source for AAC solutions for speech, language and learning challenges related to autism, aphasia, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.

A global force

The union of the two companies gave the new entity an even stronger geographic presence in existing and emerging markets around the globe.

Today Tobii Dynavox has a presence in over 60 countries via a network of direct and partner sales, with offices in Sweden, the US, Norway, Germany, France, the UK, China, and Japan. Through its nearly 500 employees and a global network of partners, the company reaches thousands of people, empowering them to more fully engage in life via technology.

A growing family

Tobii Dynavox seeks to acquire companies who share its vision of a world where all people can communicate, and its commitment to empowering people with disabilities to do what they once did, or never thought possible. These include:


Acquired: March 2022
A Belgium-based global provider of speech synthesis and digital voices, Acapela has partnered with Tobii Dynavox for many years to give people with disabilities the power to represent themselves authentically. Together, the brands will continue to further the Tobii Dynavox mission by creating even more opportunities for the personalization of communication technology.

Safe Care Technologies

Acquired: April 2022
An Ireland-based supplier of assistive technology products, Safe Care was Tobii Dynavox’s reselling partner for many years. The acquisition has enhanced service and training for our customers in Ireland by streamlining education and feedback processes.


Acquired: June 2022
A Denmark-based supplier of assistive technology products and services, ASK was Tobii Dynavox’s former reselling partner. The acquisition will help support our customers in Denmark more efficiently and effectively.


Acquired: September 2023
Rehadapt is a global provider of medically certified mounting solutions for assistive technology. The companies have been successful partners for many years. The acquisition accelerates joint innovation and facilitates the process of creating solutions for easy and comfortable access to communication aids. Based in Kassel, Germany, Rehadapt is an important hub, and extends Tobii Dynavox’s reach in Europe.