Funding a device

If you live in the United Kingdom, you may be eligible to receive funding for an assistive technology device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Various funding sources exist, including the NHS, local AAC services and charitable organisations, however these vary from region to region.

 Member of Tobii Dynavox team helping a client


We’re here to help Speech-Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Assistive Technologists, educators, and parents or family members with AAC funding needs. We offer assistance, a comprehensive list of funding sources, and the ability to borrow a device to prepare for an assessment.


Regardless of the funding source, a comprehensive assessment will be required to determine the most suitable device. We can arrange for you to trial one of our devices in order to see what suits you best. This trial can include starting with something simple like cause and effect or games as well as trying different types of software. Trialling a device will give you a chance to practice using the device and vocabulary before an assessment.

Young man taking an assessment for a Tobii Dynavox device

Mother and daughter using a Tobii Dynavox device for a trial


To make your funding request for an AAC device run smoother, it’s possible to try, rent or buy a device designed specifically for people with disabilities. Practising with an AAC device can help you get used to the technology at your own pace, in a stress-free environment. You may want to use it with Gaze Viewer software, which records real eye tracking data, providing proof of a person’s ability to use an eye tracker.

Assessment hubs by region

There are 17 specialised centres across England and Wales that handle NHS assessments and loan devices. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, this may be handled by the NHS, a local AAC service or a combination.



Ayrshire and Arran



Northern Ireland


National Centre for Electronic Assistive Technology, Wales

Charitable organisations

The charitable and community-based organisations listed below offer funding to individuals who are not eligible to apply or have been denied funding.