Sales Policy

Tobii Dynavox operating companies and partners may only sell and market Tobii Dynavox products to residents in the country where they operate for the following reasons:


The reasons for this are:

  • Certain products are classified as medical devices and therefore must be fully traceable in the event of a recall or similar. If a Tobii Dynavox product leaves the country from which it has been bought, tracking becomes virtually impossible and can jeopardize operator safety.

  • The Tobii Dynavox operating company or partner is only responsible for handling first line support for devices that have been bought within their active geographic area; they hold no responsibility for offering support for products that have been privately imported.

  • Neither the partner nor the Tobii Dynavox operating company is allowed to sell or export Tobii Dynavox devices to other markets/countries unless agreed upon by Tobii Dynavox.

  • Training, after sales support and warranty are only provided by the partner or Tobii Dynavox operating company within the territory/country where the device was purchased.

  • If service is needed for a device that has been privately imported, it must be sent back to the partner or to the Tobii Dynavox operating company from which it was bought, at the owner’s own risk and expense. In some markets there is a risk for customs problems with shipment. Neither Tobii Dynavox nor the partner will be liable for any such problems, should they arise.