Core First Communication Books

Download and print PDF books of the core word page from our TD Snap app. These communication books are a great introduction to language for symbol-supported communicators before they get their device. Keep them on hand as a simple solution to be used in the car, at the playground, near the pool, or anywhere else it might be inconvenient to use a device.


Core First

Our free Core First Communication Books offer a simplified, low-tech version of the Core First page set from our TD Snap app.

Teacher and student communicating using Core words

What are Core Words?

A small set of flexible words such as want, not and go, that make up roughly 80% of what we all use in many daily situations. Core words are selected for maximum use in many environments, carefully placed and ordered in a stable position for easier recall.

What is Core First?

Core First is a page set at the heart of our TD Snap AAC app. It offers a simple yet robust way for people who can't speak to combine words and symbols for effective communication.

Student starting out with his first Core Board

Girl using TD Snap on her iPad

What is TD Snap?

Core First Communication Books are based on the core words and picture communication symbols from the Core First page set found in TD Snap, our symbol-supported communication app.

Download and Print

Printable PDFs of Core First Communication resources are available in the following languages:

Core First Communication Books

Core First Communication Boards

Printable PDFs of Core Boards are also available in the following languages: