Boardmaker Online Community jump start

October 01, 2018

What I need to know

Fun fact
  • Over 30,000 activities are posted on this website by Boardmaker users all over the world!
How do I use it? 
  1. Log-in or Register to Community using
  2. Select the Activities tab from the red bar at the top.
  3. Select Community Activities.
  4. Type a general or specific search term in the search window.
  5. Use the options under “Narrow Your Results” to find the activities that meet your students’ needs.
  6. Select the title of the activity and then select the “+” sign under the title to place the activity in your My Activity folder
BMSF v6 and BM Studio: Select the down-facing arrow to download activity to your computer.
BMO: Do not download. Print, Edit, or Play using the Online Editor or Web Players.

Tips and Tricks 

  • Create folder - Organize your My Activities section using folders! Next to each activity select the compass tool to place the activity in the folder.
  • Community- Use a group or create a group to share activities with your team.


From the HELP tab on the red bar, select HELP and TRAINING CENTER
  • Finding Activities on Boardmaker Online Community
  • Opening Activities in v. 6
Recorded sessions: 
  • What’s new in Boardmaker Studio?