How do I add Repeat Click to the Mode Button?

October 05, 2022

In TD Control, Repeat Click took the place of Gaze Point, which was used in older devices.  You can use Repeat Click to repeatedly left-click or to just hover over items on the screen.  What's more, it is possible to hide the menu so it does not continuously pop-up.  Repeat Click is great for people who use Look to Learn or educational websites in which they just have to click on the screen.  In order to use Repeat Click you will first need to add Repeat Click to the Mode button.

  1. Open TD Control Settings
  2. Select the button to get to the second page of Settings
  3. Choose Open under Customization
  4. In the Modes Menu section, select Customize
  5. Here you may need to remove a mode in order to make room to add Repeat Click.  If you have space you can choose any button
  6. Select Repeat Click from the menu, then select Add
  7. Now you can exit out of TD Control Settings.  
When you select the Modes button you can now select Repeat Click in order to left-click quickly throughout the display.