How do I change access methods in TD Snap?

March 29, 2017

Note: Some of the images may not  be representative of the current software as the software as changed and improved through the years

How do I change access methods?
TD Snap provides you with 6 different access methods to allow a user to navigate and make buttons selections: Touch, Touch Enter, Touch Exit, Mouse Dwell, Gaze Interactions and Scanning. Each of the access methods has one or more additional settings you can configure to meet the specific needs of the user. Here is a brief description of the different access method options:
  • Touch (default) – Make selection by simply touching the buttons.
  • Touch Enter – Touch and hold on a button for a set period of time.
  • Touch Exit – Touch and hold a button, select happens on release.
  • Mouse Dwell – Position the mouse cursor over a button for a set period of time.
  • Gaze Interaction – Make selections by looking at a button (requires TobiiDynavox eye tracker hardware).
  • Scanning – Select a button with a switch when it is highlighted by the scan.
To change and configure your access method:
  1. In the editor, then select the User editing panel tab.
  2. Select Access Method, then select the arrow icon, for the currently active access method.
User-added image
      3. Select the desired access method from the list provided.
User-added image
      4. Select <- Access Method to configure settings for your new access method selection.
User-added image
Refer to the TD Snap User’s Guide for assistance with any of the specific access method settings.