How Do I Create a New Scene?

October 02, 2017

1. Select Show Tools.
2. Select the category folder in which you would like to create your new scene.
3. Select the new scene button (+). Photo mode will open.
4. Add a photo to your scene by taking a new photo or select an image file stored locally on your device:
a. Take Photo — Take a photo with the currently selected camera. The viewfinder on the screen shows the image
that will be captured when you select this option.
b. Flip Camera — If your device has both front and back facing cameras, you may use the Flip Camera button to select
the other camera on your device. When you see the desired view in the viewfinder on your screen, select the
Take Photo button to capture the image.
c. Pick Photo — To choose a photo file stored locally on your device, select the Pick Photo button. Browse the folders
using the up arrow button or File... button. Select the desired photo file, then select the green Accept button.
d. If you would like to quit Photo Mode without creating a scene, select Exit Photo Mode.
5. Use the slider at the bottom of the photo to scale the image to the desired size. Drag the slider knob toward the + to
zoom in and toward the — to zoom out. On iPad, you can pinch the image to zoom.
6. Drag the photo image to center it.
7. When you have finished scaling and centering your photo, select Accept to save. To retake the photo or choose a different
image file, select Retake or Back. To quit the photo screen without saving, select Exit Photo Mode.