How to add an Undo or Redo button on TD Snap page

October 19, 2021

How to add a Undo or Redo button on TD Snap page

This is a button on a page, not adding to the message bar. See how to edit the message bar here.
  1. Select the edit icon. Top right corner.settingsicon.JPG
  2. Select a button
  3. Select the Active Label option, to the right of the label field.choseactivelabel.JPG
  4. Within the list choose the Message window Undo state or Redo statemessagewindowsundostate.JPG
  5. Select Done.

Note: The button will remain grey unless there is something in the message windows that needs to be undone.
This feature is available with the TD Snap version 1.18 and above