Why can't I get past the display setup?

November 03, 2017

Calibration will not start if the display has not been set up. 

  1. Look at the Tobii Eye Tracking icon in the system tray and notice if there is an exclamation point. 
  2. If so, select the icon to open the Tobii Eye Tracking menu. 
  3. On the bottom of the menu a message will state that the display needs to be set up.  Select that message to start the Display Setup.
  4. At this point you should be able to calibrate however if you see the same message in the Tobii Eye Tracking menu please continue to follow these steps.
  5. Open File Explorer and navigate to %programData%\Tobii\Tobii Interaction
  6. Delete the trackingspaces.txt file
  7. Close File Explorer and open the Services menu either from Task Manager -> Services or Windows Run -> services.mscTask Manager
  8. Restart the Tobii Service
  9. Once the service is restarted you will automatically get prompted to set up the display and then calibrate.