Why is there no Microsoft Store on my I-13 or I-16?

April 05, 2023

Tobii Dynavox has transitioned to the Microsoft Windows Accessibility IoT Enterprise LTSC edition operating system on new Tobii Dynavox Windows-based speech devices. This version of Windows provides our customers with the familiar desktop experience with the addition of Enterprise-only features such as an extended 10-year support term and customization options for purpose-built communication devices.

The Microsoft Store and Microsoft user accounts are not available in Windows Enterprise editions, however third-party software titles and solutions are still fully supported. Many software titles are available to download and install directly from the manufacturer website instead of the Microsoft Store. If you can't find the software installer you need or you’re having trouble installing it, most manufacturers have support options on their website to assist you with this. They may be able to provide you with a non-store installer of their software upon request, even if you can't find it on their website. You can also contact Tobii Dynavox Technical Support to help you navigate.