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EyeMobile Plus

End of Sale Notification – As of September 29th, 2021, the EyeMobile Plus will no longer be available for sale. For more information, please click here.

The EyeMobile Plus is a free-standing bracket with a built-in eye tracker, designed to hold a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Navigate the Surface Pro with your eyes and control apps, the internet, music, e-books, social media, games and more. Enjoy powerful built-in speakers and two switch ports for extra access possibilities. EyeMobile Plus is available for purchase with or without a Surface Pro. Packages that include a Surface Pro come with a Durable Case, and Windows Control software which enables eye control of the Windows environment and many smart home functions. For those with speech and language disabilities, the EyeMobile Plus can also be purchased with AAC software, including either TD Snap or Communicator 5.


Independent Access

Experience greater personal freedom and independence by accessing all the functions of a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet using only your eyes.

Tobii Dynavox Multiple Access Methods icon

Multiple access methods

Tobii Dynavox tablet solution icon

Tablet solution

Tobii Dynavox strong battery icon

Strong battery

Tobii Dynavox speakers icon

Powerful speakers

Connect on the go

Woman using the EyeMobile Plus to attend university class

Windows access

Connect to Windows by controlling your Surface Pro tablet with a combination of powerful eye tracking, high-quality speakers, environmental control and switch access – all rolled into one portable, free-standing bracket solution.

Environmental control

Gain hands-free control of your home appliances via your Surface Pro tablet. Open doors, turn on lights, adjust your bed, change TV channels and more via Communicator 5 or TD Snap.

A Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus bracket with Surface Pro tablet being used to control the home environment.

Tobii Dynavox multiple access method on EyeMobile Plus

Multiple access methods

Featuring two switch ports for more intentional and precise control of your tablet. Combined with Windows Control, you can use a switch to execute a click by looking where you want to click and selecting the switch to carry it out.

Long battery life

There’s no need to worry about unexpectedly losing power or computer access. The battery lasts for up to 9 hours and once exhausted, the bracket will use power from the Surface Pro tablet. A battery monitor lets you keep track of the remaining power in both your tablet and bracket.

Tobii Dynavox long battery life on EyeMobile Plus

Windows Hello featured on the Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus

Windows Hello

In combination with Windows Control, you can turn your EyeMobile Plus into a Windows Hello camera to automatically sign in to Windows 10 and unlock the screen.

What’s the funding process?

If you live in the United Kingdom, you may be eligible to receive funding for an assistive technology device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Various funding sources exist, including the NHS, local AAC services and charitable organisations, however these vary from region to region. You can also request a quote.

Surface Pro Options

Get the EyeMobile Plus with or without the Surface Pro. Either option comes with hands-free access to the Windows environment via our Windows Control software.

Back view of Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus eye tracker bracket

Without Surface Pro

Already own a Surface Pro? Get the EyeMobile Plus on its own and simply activate the included Windows Control license on your tablet.

With Surface Pro

The EyeMobile Plus is also available as a bundle with the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, which comes with a Windows Control license and a Durable Case for extra protection.

Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus eye tracking bracket solution with Surface Pro tablet featuring Windows Control

Communicate your way

Whether you’re an emerging, symbol-based or literate communicator, our software lets you start at any point on your journey then adjust to your changing needs.

Software included with the EyeMobile Plus

Communicate your way

Whether you’re an emerging, symbol-based or literate communicator, our software lets you start at any point on your journey then adjust to your changing needs.

Software included with the EyeMobile Plus

Software included with the EyeMobile Plus

Man using Tobii Dynavox EM-12 with EyeMobile Plus bracket and Windows Control
Tobii Dynavox Windows Control icon

Windows Control

Makes eye control of your Surface Pro possible, offering navigation of the Windows desktop and software intuitively. Enables use of Communicator 5 with your eyes. All settings and features are gaze-enabled, offering the ability to calibrate, change dwell time, switch languages and more independently. Access hundreds of apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Kindle and the full Microsoft Office suite.

Optional software for the EyeMobile Plus

Optional software for the EyeMobile Plus

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 icon
Snap Core First logo

Communicator 5

Helps literate individuals with language and/or mobility challenges communicate more efficiently by converting text and images into speech and offering e-mail, SMS, telephone, and control of the home environment.

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 featured on an EyeMobile Plus eye tracking bracket

Tobii Dynavox TD Snap featured on an EyeMobile Plus eye tracking bracket.
TD Snap logo

TD Snap

TD Snap Enables a path to communication and literacy at all stages of speech and language development. This symbol-supported app is designed to grow alongside the communicator. Allows access to popular teaching tools directly within the app via Boardmaker Player such as books, games, and visual schedules.

Tobii Dynavox Magic Eye-FX
Tobii Dynavox Magic Eye FX icon

Magic Eye FX

Tobii Dynavox Magic Eye FX Invites you to learn eye gaze skills through 10 fun games, optimized for the new I-Series and PCEye devices.

Child using a Tobii Dynavox eye tracker to play Button Balloons in Magic Eye FX

Tobii Dynavox Snap Scene featured on an EyeMobile Plus eye tracking bracket.
Tobii Dynavox Snap Scene icon

Snap Scene

Turns everyday moments into learning opportunities. Designed for children who can't speak, it lets you take photos and tag them with recordings for natural, spontaneous communication.

Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer icon

Gaze Viewer

Record data from any application, such as the Internet, e-books, games and more to help understand physical and cognitive abilities via eye tracking skills with this simple assessment tool.

Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer featured on an EyeMobile Plus eye tracking bracket.


Customise your device with these additional accessories.

Tobii Dynavox Surface Pro Durable Case

Surface Pro Durable Case

A sturdy protective case for a Surface Pro tablet when used with an EyeMobile Plus (included when purchased together with a Surface Pro).

Tobii Dynavox Quick Release Adapter Plate

Quick Release Adapter Plate

A plate to mount your EyeMobile Plus to a stand or wheelchair.

Tobii Dynavox Mount Plate with Handle

Mount Plate with Handle

A plate with integrated handle that attaches your EyeMobile Plus to a ConnectIT or Daessy mount.

Tobii Dynavox Origin Headmouse Nano Bracket

Origin Headmouse Nano Bracket

A bracket to attach your Origin HeadMouse Nano to your EyeMobile Plus.

Tobii Dynavox Manufacturer's Warranty

All Tobii Dynavox devices in the UK come with our Manufacturer’s Warranty for two years. The EyeMobile Plus also includes TD Care, which is an extension of the Manufacturer’s Warranty and offers an unmatched industry-wide level of protection, including unlimited accidental damage claims per year on the device itself, batteries and even chargers. Purchases and extensions of TD Care can only be made when buying the device.

Device Warranty Type Term Cost
Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus Device

(excluding Surface Pro)

TD Care (#610211)                    

TD Care (#610212)

TD Care (#610213)

1 yr        

2 yrs

3 yrs




Find out more about Tobii Dynavox Warranties:

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Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus Eye tracking accessory

Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus & Microsoft Surface Pro

Data Streams

Eye tracking (gaze point, eye position, etc.) IR image stream at 30 Hz

Eye Tracker Processing Unit

IS-4B Tobii EyeChip™ with fully embedded processing

Track Box1 Dimensions at 65 cm (26’’) Distance (w x h)

>35 cm × 30 cm ellipse
>14” × 12”

Working Distance

45 cm – 85 cm
18” – 33″

Detected Gaze Interaction >30 Hz

98% for 95% of population

User Calibration
(Former Tracking Robustness)



<0.3° ideal3
<1.0° for 65% of population
<1.3° for 80% of population
<1.7° for 90% of population
<1.9° for 95% of population


<0.1° ideal3
<0.2° for 65% of population
<0.25° for 80% of population
<0.3° for 90% of population
<0.4° for 95% of population

Max Head Movement Speed (Eye Position)

40 cm/s (15.7 in/s)

Max Head Tilt


Max Yaw, Pitch



Low visibility (850 nm)


No flicker (30 Hz constant)

Gaze Latency / Gaze Recovery

25 / 100 ms


Built-in table stand for table top use.
Tobii Dynavox Quick Release adapter plate for Daessy and REHAdapt is included.
VESA adapter plate available as peripheral.


2 × 3.5 mm Switch connector interface
1 × USB 2.0
1 × Micro USB 3.0 (for connection to tablet)
1 × 5 VDC 4.4 mm Barrel Power Connector


Microphone array consisting of 4 microphones


2 × 3.5W

IR Remote Control

Integrated IR module with library of preprogrammed devices


Bracket & Tablet

1440 g (3.17 lbs)


Tablet, w x h x d

292 mm x 201 mm x 8.5 mm
11.5" x 7.9" x 0.33"

Bracket & Tablet, w x h x d

292 mm x 220 mm x 45 mm
11.5" x 8.66" x 1.77"

Internet Access

Through WiFi and 3G

Tobii Dynavox Certified Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro

Supported Tablet Dimensions (w x h x d)

265 – 310 mm x 185 – 205 mm x 8 – 11 mm
10.4 – 12.2" x 7.3 – 8.1" x 0.3 – 0.4"

System Requirements (Recommended Minimum)

Processor Speed: 2.60 GHz
SSD Hard Disk Storage: 128 GB
Hard Disk: 450 MB available
USB Interface: USB 2.0 or higher

Compatible Operating Systems

64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 or 10

Compatible Tobii Dynavox Software

Windows Control 2, Gaze Point, Gaze Viewer, Magic Eye-Virtual Remote, Communicator 5, TD Snap, Grid, Compass

Incompatible Tobii Dynavox Software

Classic Tobii Gaze Interaction Software, Snap Scene, ALL, Boardmaker Student Center




Charge Time

Run Time

~ 4 hours

~ 9 hours

Power Supply

5 VDC 3A AC adapter

Full specifications

Find full specifications in the user manual: