Creating activity sets

October 01, 2018

Please note this article only applies to Personal, Professional, and District subscription accounts.

Activity sets are groupings of similar activities that can be managed (assigned, shared, and played) as a single unit. Creating activity sets is an excellent way to group activities that are related and should be played together.
  1. Under My Activities (My Boardmaker > My Activities tab), select Create Activity Set. 
    My Boardmaker 
    The Create Activity Set dialog will open. 
    Create Activity Set
  2. Enter a title for the new activity set.
  3. If you wish, enter a short description, and select the availability level of the activity (private or public).
  4. Select Save & Continue. The Manage Activity Set page will open. Your Activity List will be displayed in the right pane. 
    Manage Activity Set
  5. Simply drag and drop activities from your activity list to create the activity set. 
    Note: You can also use the Search Activities by Keyword text box to search your Activity List for a specific activity. 
    Note: Drag and drop the activities in the activity set to reorder them.
  6. Select Backto return to your Activity List.