How do I add a Video onto a Button?

May 02, 2018

How do I add a Video onto a Button?
In Communicator, there is the option to enable a button to play a video.
Please note that only videos that are saved on your PC in one of the following formats can be put on a button:   AVI, MPEG, MPG, or MPE.  

  1. Go to the Page Set that has the button you want to add a video to.
  2. Go to Edit View. To do so, select Shift + F5 from a keyboard or Right-click on the page set to open the Quick-Access Menu, select Advanced Settings, and select Edit Page Set.  
  3. Select the button that you want to put a video on. The button will become highlighted with squares along the border.
  4. Select Button in the navigation bar at the top. Then, select Video in the drop-down menu.  
  5. A dialog box entitled “Video Properties” will appear.
  6. To select a video from your PC, select “browse” to access your files. Select the video file you want to put on the button.  
  7. Select Open.
  8. In the dialog box, select whether to play the video on the button or on the entire screen.  
  9. Select Ok.
  10. Save your changes, if needed.  Select File in the toolbar at the top and then Save or Save As.  Follow the prompts.  
  11. Select View in the tool bar at the top and then Run to get out of Edit View.
Note that once the video is playing, you can stop the video by left clicking the button. Doing so will stop the video, not pause it. You can left click on the button again to restart the video from the beginning.