How do I import photos from a usb drive to the Tobii Dynavox T10?

August 26, 2016

To import photos from your USB drive or USB stick to your Tobii Dynavox T10, you need to conne

  • There are different USB connector types available. Your USB drive will most likely come with USB type A plug while the Tobii Dynavox T10 has a connector of type mini-A (similar to most mobile phones). To transfer images or files, you must first connect your USB drive to your on the go adaptor and then the adaptor to your T10's USB port.
  • Press the "All Apps button" in the Android home screen and select the app "File Explorer" or "Explorer"
  • In the Explorer, you will find your USB drive, select that to open it's content
  • Select the pictures or the folder you want to copy and choose move from the context menu that will come up
  • Select Home, internal memory and then pictures.
  • Selector "Editor" and "Paste"
The pictures are now copied to your T10's internal memory and can now be used for e.g. adding symbols to your pageset.