How do I setup scanning in Communicator 5 on an Eyemobile Plus?

July 11, 2017

You must be running Communicator 5.4 or higher.

1.  In Communicator 5, go to Advanced Settings.  To do so, right click with a mouse or press and hold for 2 seconds.  Then, select Advanced Settings.
2.  Under the Input tab, select Input Method.
3.  Select Switch Scanning to change to that selection method.  Then, select Switch Scanning Settings.
4.  Select Tobii Dynavox Device Switch Port.
5.  Select Ok twice.
6.  If you want to change the scan method, you can choose Scan Settings and make any changes here that you want.  Otherwise, exit Advanced Settings.

Note: If Tobii Dynavox Device Switch Port does not work, go back to step 4 and try Use Joystick as Switch instead.  This setting was used in older versions of the software.