How do I stop the arrow cursor from following my eyes in Join-In and other page sets?

June 28, 2024

If you are using a page set that takes up only part of the display, like a Join In page set, you may notice an arrow cursor follows your eyes when you look around the page set.  This can be distracting and can make eye control more difficult.  
There are two ways that this issue can be resolved. 

If you developed the page set

  • Add a Mouse Move Cursor Visibility action to your Page Set Open Actions.  You will need to set the Mouse Move Cursor Visibility action to Hide.

If you did not develop the page set (you only need to do this once.  The setting will be saved)

  1.  Go to All Page Sets
  2. Choose Emerging Communication
  3. Select Other Applications
  4. Choose Gaze Point for Communicator
  5. Select View
  6. Choose Hide Mouse Cursor
  7. Choose Exit
  8. Exit out of All Page Sets and go back into the page set that was infected with the arrow cursor.  The arrow should no longer be visible.