How to enable Switch Scanning in Communicator 5

December 22, 2016

To enable switch scanning in Communicator 5, you first need o change the input method to scanning and then adjust the scanning settings to your preferences. To do this, follow these instructions:

Open the Advanced Settings in Communicator:
Inside Communicator, you need to first open the context menu. You do that by either right clicking with a mouse or long press hold for 2 seconds. A the context menu will open from where you need to choose Advanced Settings.

Set your input method to Switch Scanning:

Click on the button Input method. A new dialogue will open that let's you choose your preferred input method. Check Switch Scanning and click to button Switch scanning settings. Another dialogue will open where you need to select the appropriate Switch input type for your device. Confirm your settings with OK. If you are unsure, try each of the available options one after another until you found the one that works. For most computers it will be "Use joystick as switch".

Change the Scan settings to your preferences:

Back in the Advanced Settings pageset of Communicator, click on the button Scan Settings. The new dialogue has two different tabs: Customize scan and Scan method. Customize scan will allow you to change speed and other scan behaviors, you should only change them if you don't feel comfortable with the default settings. On the Scan method tab, you should select what kind of scanning you want to do, if you want to use one or two switches, if it should start with scanning columns, rows, or single buttons, etc. Try what works best for you, you cannot do wrong as you can always go back and change it again. The scan method dialogue has explanations for each of he methods to help you find the best one for you.

Confirm your changes with OK and you are setup and ready to use Communicator 5 with switch scanning!