How to get your Communicator 5 companion license for your I-Series+

July 31, 2016

Together with your I-Series+ device with Communicator 5, you can install Communicator 5 on up to three additional devices i.e the parents or teachers devices. In order to run the software on the additional devices, you will need to obtain the Companion License for Communicator 5 and use the Companion License in Communicator on those devices. To obtain the Communicator 5 Companion license, follow these instructions.

Option 1 using an alternative computer (required for locked devices in the US)

Since web browsers are unable to open on locked I-Series devices, customers need an alternate way to obtain their Communicator companion license.  Please follow the steps below to obtain the license.
  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
  2. Open a web browser
  3. Navigate to
  4. Sign into MyTobiiDynavox if needed.
  5. Enter the I-Series Product Key. You can find this in the Control Center on the I-Series. The I-Series will now be attached to the MTD account.
  6. To find the companion license, click on MyTobiiDynavox in the upper left corner.
  7. Select License Keys

Option 2 using your I-Series+ device (not working with locked devices in the US)

  1. Make sure the I-Series(+) device is up and running.
  2. Make sure the I-Series(+) device is connected to the Internet.
  3. Go to the Quick Menu. For more information, see Getting Started with Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5.
  4. Select the Advanced Settings button.
  5. Select the System Tab.
  6. Select the License Manager button.
  7. Select the Companion License... button.
  8. On the myTobiiDynavox webpage, login with your Username/Emailaddress and Password and select the Sign In button. or Create an account by selecting the Register button
  9. You will automatically be re-directed to the correct web page.
  10. Your I-Series Product Key will automatically be entered into the system.
  11. Select the Attach Device button to submit your device to the system.
  12. You will re-directed to your Account Status page.
  13. Under Tobii Dynavox I-Series(+) featuring Communicator section, you will find your Companion License Key.

Use this license key to activate your Communicator 5 on up to three additional Windows devices.