Stuck or Frozen in Guided Access and Unable to Exit Guided access

November 09, 2023

There are 3 scenarios that can cause the Speech case mini to become frozen when in guided access.
1. You can get stuck in guided access when a certain screen swipe is used.


  1. With Guided Access started, select the top button to turn the screen off.

  2. Tap the screen to wake the device. The lock screen will appear.

  3. Touch near the clock and slowly drag down.

  4. Notice the Search feature comes up and the lock screen closes.

At this point the Search feature is shown and you are not able to select anywhere in the app. Search does not bring up the keyboard. The iPad stays stuck in this state until you force restart.

You have to force quit the iPad, re start the iPad and then you will be able to exit the guided access normally. This bug was fixed in an iPadOS update to 16.1

2. Swiping up from the bottom left toward the middle will also cause it to freeze. Turning off the ability to do this prevents it from happening.
How to turn the gestures off: Settings > General > Gestures > Turn off "Four & Five Finger Swipe", "Allow Finger to Swipe From Corner", and change "Left Corner Swipe" and "Right Corner Swipe" both to Off.

3.If the app is updated while in guided access can cause the iPad to freeze while in guided access. you can turn off automatic updates, Settings>App Store or if an app update is pushed from an MDM.

All the above have been reported to Apple.
You can also report to apple as the TD Snap app is not the only app that is affected.
To get out of the freeze

If you have a mini speech case you will need to remove it from the case in order to do the force restart. You will need a small Phillips head screw driver.