v6 Multimedia drag and drop

October 01, 2018

You can drag pictures from any application that supports this standard Windows feature. A few examples include the My Computer browser, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Word and Outlook emails.

Drag and Drop from the Internet

  • Search for an image on the Internet.
  • Click and hold the mouse button on the image you want to use.
  • Drag the picture over the desired button.
  • Release the mouse button. 
    Note: the position of the button label and the font used will be determined by the Symbol Finder Settings. Because the image did not have a name “unknown” will be used. If there is a file name, that will be used as the label. If you would prefer to have no label, hold down the Alt key when you drop the picture (or select “no labels” in the Symbol Finder settings). 

A Great Tip
If you are dragging your picture from a full-screen application (you can’t see Boardmaker on your screen):
  • Drag the image to the Boardmaker icon in the Taskbar (at the bottom of your screen).
  • Linger over it for a second.
  • Boardmaker will pop to the foreground, allowing you to drop the image into a button. 

Dragging Images onto the Background
  • When you drop an image onto the background, by default, it will be scaled to fit the entire board.
  • If you drop the image while holding down the Control key, on your keyboard, it will be scaled to fit a 2” by 2” square and will include a label.
  • By holding down the Alt key, you can omit the label.
  • By holding down the Shift key, the image will appear at its “native resolution.”

Dragging Images into the Symbol Finder
Drag and drop can also be used to add a new symbol(s) to your personal symbol library.
  • Drop the picture into the Symbol Finder rather than onto the board (note: the Symbol Finder must be open already if you are importing from elsewhere on your computer).
  • You will be prompted to enter the names and categories for the new symbol. If the dropped image has a name, that name will automatically get assigned to the symbol. You can also drag and drop multiple pictures at once into the Symbol Finder. This is a convenient way to add an entire folder’s worth of images to your library at once.
  • Select the pictures you want to add from the My Computer browser or Windows Explorer (to select multiple files use Shift-Click or Control-Click).
  • Drop into the Symbol Finder.
  • You will still need to enter the names and categories for each symbol. You do have the option to automatically use image filenames and to reuse the same category for each image. 

Dragging Sound and Video Files into Boardmaker Plus
If you are using Boardmaker Plus or SDPro, you are not limited to dragging and dropping pictures.
  • You can drop sound files (with a “wav” suffix) onto your buttons. A Play Recorded Message action will be added to the button.
  • You can drop video files (with “avi”, “mpeg”, “mpg”, or “wmv” suffixes) onto your buttons. A Play Movie action will be added to the button.